Word of mouth is now considered by businesses as a very important component for selling, over traditional media with 70% global consumers trusting online reviews written by other consumers, according to Nielsen.

This behavior is driven by Social Proof Bias, which happens when people who are uncertain about a decision tent to follow the preferences of others in a similar situation.

Amplifi has the products and services that can help brands build and nurture engaged communities online.


Our platform, Advoc8, allows brands to keep track of consumer insights and online interactions within their ecosystem. It is equipped with a community engagement scorecard that allows businesses to keep track of contextualized advocacy effect, critics effect, engagement velocity tracking, advocacy metrics and sentiment-based insights on a daily basis and use data gathered over time to generate insights so brands can act fast.


We offer Notifi, a social media listening tool that extracts keyword-based mentions on Twitter and identified Facebook pages that can integrate with messaging platforms of your choice so you can monitor your brand anytime, anywhere.

Community Management with Lead Generation

Our capabilities do not just include a platform for building and listening to your community; we also offer relevant services that deliver insight and KPI-driven executions

  • Awareness Building
  • Campaigns and Promotions
  • Influencer Engagements
  • Leads and Sales Generation
  • Crisis Management and Monitoring